Brand Values- Searching Soul Of A Brand

Brand – the only exclusive asset the Companies have these days is not managed exactly the way it should be. Every brand has some core values or the key drivers that justify the existence of that very brand. These are the strongest of the associations that the customers have with the brand. These drivers eventually define, the identity, personality, communication strategy, extension and everything of the brand. Whatever operations you perform on your brand have to be in line with your drivers.Let us take an example: Dabur’s key driver is health & hygiene. Revlon’s keydriver is fashion & makeup. Let us assume that both the Companies come up with a body lotion and are ready to invest any amount to make it successful. They want to position it as a body lotion for the rejuvenation of your senses. Which one will be more acceptable to the consumers.Obviously Dabur. The reason being the associations that people have with Dabur. The associations of health, hygiene and natural products. On the other side, the associations with Revelon are of fashion, cosmetic, make-up that does not go with the rejuvenation (that is always internal).

The drivers play a major role in deciding the extendibility of the brand. The Communication strategy has to be in line with the brand drivers. What needs to be done is that the brand stewards have to identify the brand drivers and streamline their strategy accordingly. Well defined brand drivers are the soul of the brand and need to be taken care of .


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