Is Internet For FMCG?

Is internet for FMCG? Answer is YES, it is. It’s true that not many FMCG companies are leveraging the power of internet. Probably they compare this medium with other traditional mediums like TV and Print which are high on reaching out to masses. Intenet, as of now, is not a “Reach” medium as we have only 40 million online users.  FMCG companies have heavily relied on TV and Print to reach out to maximum prospects and to build recall value.
FMCG is considered to be a low involvement category which means that buyer is not actively involved in the purchase. He generally buys due to regular buying habit and generally buys a product with highest recall in his mind. Internet can help these companies in achieving the TOP OF MIND RECALL through its power of engagement. Games, Virals, Communities and Intriguing banners are some of the tools to create engagement. Plus spill over is minimum in this medium if we compare it other mediums like TV n Print. Look at some of the work done by AXE (AXE ACADEMY), SUNSILK’s etc. These are very good examples of adding to the brand equity through leveraging internet’s power of engagement. Internet has the advantage of being highly measurable medium.For a FMCG company to be able to achieve good results, keep in mind the following points:

1. Be open to test the medium. Do not discard this medium straight away.
2. Set realistic objectives. Be clear what you want to achieve. For e.g. selling a toothpaste online would be too much for the asking.
3. Work 360 degree. Internet is not a substitute medium but a support medium.
4. Work closely with your online agency. Don’t think your agency is ripping you off. Dont worry.

To conclude, I would say that TV and Print would continue to play a major role for FMCG players but at the same time, power of internet cant be ignored.


2 thoughts on “Is Internet For FMCG?

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  2. FMCG advertiser are always looking for creating buzz around the Brand for which they use traditional media in different ways. Because of very nature of the conventional mediums, they are inflexible to adapt to any innovation. On the other hand, Innovation is “the charateristic” of digital medium. FMCG is a volume game rather than a Margin game, so it will take some time for internet to get deeper in terms of penetration and I am surethen FMCG category will adopt this medium with both hands.

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