Brands and Blogging

Brands and blogging don’t enjoy a marriage made in heaven. Blogs have the power to change behaviour. If your brand is going to blog you need to understand what you want to change about it. This is uncomfortable because brands usually like changing consumer behaviour not the other way round. There are no ‘old’ or ‘new’ media – there are communications media and social media. Communications media are the natural habitat of brands. Their use of social media is problematic. Social media demand that you trade control for influence. Unless brands are happy with this they should stay out of social media.  Just use it to listen to the conversation. Social media is all about conversation. Brands only have a role if they can make the conversation more interesting. Media is only interesting as content distribution vehicle. And increasingly it will be free to use. Measureability of social media is an issue for brands. So far, social media can’t be measured so lets stop trying. We have to get comfortable with managing the immeasurable.


4 thoughts on “Brands and Blogging

  1. measurability and trading control for influence are just two problems with brand getting into blogging.there are other hindrances too . Firstly to convince the people managing the brands that just because they don’t use the social media platform to express views,doesn’t mean their TG is not using it too. And the mental block against criticism. Most brands are not prepared for it. It’s still the “communication media” they will stick to. Coz there is no risk of direct criticism being thrown at them.

  2. I guess problem starts when focus of brand activity is very brand communication centric. All successful activity has got customer as starting point and not brand ex. Sunsilk GOG, Nike & Running etc.

  3. i believe taking brands to blogs is somewhat similar to initiating WOM on the internet. if handeled strategically, taking brand to blogs can be used to build & strengthen associations. i would believe that control & criticism might not be as big bottlenecks as non measurability. it becomes very difficult for a marketer to plough money into media where the return cannot be measured even though there is a clearly visible intangible benefit for the brand.

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