Social Media: Are Clients Suffering From Myopia?

There is hardly any marketer who does not talk about need to leverage Social Media for their brand. So much so that some have added another ‘P’ (Participation) in already existing 4 P’s. It sounds really nice to hear clients speaking about social media. But when it comes to implementing the campaigns, they are back to square one. Most of the clients are doing online campaigns either because their competitors are doing it or because internet is probably the most measurable medium. Most of the times strategic thought is missing. Clients still create fire on not been able to see their ad on sites. When we broach the Social Media topic, clients by default assume it’s also as measurable as their banner campaign which unfortunately is not the case. Conversations can only be felt. They cant be measured. But clients are still number driven thanks to traditional media. Despite my efforts in explaining them that it’s not a number game, they agree to all points but at the end still ask for numbers. My client believes in making a community for every campaign they do. The campaign duration is usually one month. What makes it worse is when client doubts if anything is happening on social media coz the client is not able to see anything. It does not end here. No one from MARCOM/Brand team joined the community to drive the community. Campaign is over, so is the community. Client is of the opinion that if a community does not have atleast 800+ in a month, the campaign is a flop. All conversations in the community were discounted. Is this what is social media known for? This is the case with one of World’s best brand in India.

It’s clearly a case of clients failing to appreciate the strengths of respective mediums. Using any media for the sake of using it will not benefit the brand in anyway. My advice, trust the agency if as a client you are not sure about Social Media. Work with the agency and learn. Agencies know as much as clients do, if not more.


5 thoughts on “Social Media: Are Clients Suffering From Myopia?

  1. Very true bro, especially the part where client says “I can’t see my ad” but as far as tracking social media goes there are few tools that can help you apart from our analytics. Few examples are I guess it’s important to educate clients that social media is not something that can be done in one month.

  2. I quite agree to whats written here,guess that’s because marketer still dont understand the medium though they claim to.Moreover it is usually considered the last leg in entire communication & how it is different from other means of communication is not clear to them.

  3. It’s not a media agency’s forte to prove it’s capability in executing a social media campaign; purely because there isn’t any case to prove internally nor have the resources to execute a campaign.

    And, today there are enough tools available to track conversations happening around your brand on the internet – someone needs to get to use them & report.

    But 1 month community campaigns are trying to be shortlived super-stars – have long term negative rub offs. Something, no one is willing to accept.

    MP: more importantly as a media agency r u equipped with knowledge, skills, and people to execute such a campaign should be your first stance to view the things. Before you build a campaign case to execute…. 🙂

  4. Will start from your last point. Totally agree that an agency should have proper knowledge and skills to execute any social media campaign.
    I think your first comment contradicts the last comment.
    More importantly, capabilities can be built. Either you execute yourself or you outsource this job to specialist in absence of people.Impotant thing is that a campaign is executed as per brand’s need. Execution is the last leg.

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