Mobile Search: Is it a next big thing?

A week ago, I came across an interesting article on Mobile Search. It prompted me to explore this topic a little further and put it up on my blog for further discussion. Mobile search probably is the next significant value creation opportunities for mobile operators around the world. According to Mobile Marketing Association, nearly 2 billion global mobile devices users are poised to use it as a primary means of accessing information. Now let’s look at how Mobile Search differs from Internet (read PC) Search

  • Mobile devices are always on and always available.
  • Call completion can directly connect you with marketers.
  • Mobile search is coupled with immediate purchase intention.
  • PCs come with big screen which can show multiple search results with lot more detailed information as compared to small screen of a Mobile.
  • PCs have large and much comfortable pointing tools like mouse, touchpad as compared to a mobile device which usually has a compact keypad.

Internet search will always cover broad category searches than mobile. I think mobile search will be useful in finding out VAS services like wallpapers, ring tones etc and Mobile search will be very handy when it comes to local search e.g. finding information about local addresses, and local restaurants etc while traveling will be a huge plus for mobile search.  But mobile has a solid advantage over internet which is personal Now what does this mean? This means more relevant results pertaining to their user’s demographics, behaviour patterns and personal interests. Am sure this would more opportunities for operators to make money. I don’t know how exactly they would leverage this. Another thing that I wanted to explore is the difference in the role of Mobile Search and Internet (PC) Search in Purchase Cycle. Though there is no quantifiable proof to it, but I still feel that mobile search is more likely to result in immediate action (enquiry/sale) than internet search. Probability of users searching for brand related keywords might be higher than generic ones. Also, we might see some new metrics in case of Mobile Search in addition to PPC. Mobile Search might see performance driven metric. Mobile search is still very new especially in India. But with more no of people using mobile internet than pc in India, it presents various opportunities to marketers, operators and surely for mobile users.


3 thoughts on “Mobile Search: Is it a next big thing?

  1. hey, that’s some great outline of the differences! to add, the likelihood of people clicking is also higher coz here is no right column, all of them appear at the top. another great advantage at the moment is the low cost.

  2. mobile search is a growing phenomena and people are using it for the same purpose as they do with internet search. some of the limitation of the tool is that even if u find the result specific to ur query the page u r looking for is still not mobile ready.

    evolution of technology is giving room to sms based search which can translate data for mobile usage only.

    but it’s an interesting space to watch out for…

  3. U came up with an interesting topic.. but i guess here u are talking of phones like 6600.. dude there are phone which have folding screen and it can get quite big..other hardware u mentioned for computer i guess mobile have edge over PC since its small and mobile..(more comfortable that laptop) have a look at iphone cing it i guess the complete revolution is close..u can operate it search it and it can almost replace the DABBA we have… Going through Ruchi’s comment since phone like iphone or n95 are still niche people end up clicking the ad by mistake.. and maninader can you please let meknow the rational behind that the one who is searching on mobile have higher intent of purchase…

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