Digital Branding Blunder…


I was just browsing on internet that I came across Idea Rocks India digital campaign. Just out of curiosity, I clicked the banner. I really liked the thought of FIRST ONLINE SINGING CONTEST, per se. But the execution of campaign has killed the essence of the concept. An idea is as good as its execution. IDEA forgot this. According to me, there are several implementational flaws in the campaign which flout both Digital & Branding Rules.

IRI is a big property that can be leveraged for a long time in taking this brand forward. Not having its own website, is the first basic fundamental mistake. Second, putting your brand as a microsite on MSN(or any other site) is the second mistake. Idea must have saved money and effort in doing this, but they have done a wrong thing to the brand. Redirecting users to this temporary site would mean losing out on an opportunity to engage the pre-qualified users in better way on the brand site(IRI), which is missing in this case. In an era where brands are trying hard to create communities/be part of communities, IDEA so far has kept users apart from making one such community. All thanks to the digital strategy.

What would happen to the site once the campaign is over? The digital agency is more at fault than the brand. Digital Specialists are not supposed to do these stupid mistakes. MSN does not provide any number on Impressions burnt etc. So measuring the performance in its entirety might be a big problem.

Wat saddened me the most was to see Microsoft promoting their “SILVERLIGHT” product at the expense of brand’s money.

Digital can give brand the leverage which no other medium can offer. Digital strategy should be conceived  considering the overall brand strategy. Any communication effort should add to the brand, not take it away from the brand.
How much this campaign would help the brand, I have my own reservations.

But the good news for the brand is that all is not lost yet. They can still retrieve themselves. But would take a lot of strategic thinking which has so far been missing. It would surely take an idea to change IDEA’s life now.


15 thoughts on “Digital Branding Blunder…

  1. hi,
    i agree to ur comments
    well a better idea will take IDEA forward;)
    the brand could have been well communicated via this emerging medium

    not having a website is really bad ..

  2. well the way i see it
    a) its poor execution
    b) seems like idea did it in a hurry
    c) someone took advantage of their ignorance of the medium
    d) they need to chk stuff like digistar

    net net : poor execution, no measurement, money gone down the drain and idea will never come back to the internet

  3. I think, there could be some backup done by Idea, All said above is very right but lets see what they have planned post campign…..

  4. yea you are right my friend, it is a “JUGAD” campaign which is not at all well thought out.

    I sincerly want someone from the digital agency of Idea/marketing team Idea to see this coloumn .

    It is time for them to think real hard and ractify the blunder.

    Hope this IDEA can change their lives

  5. I guess u all are happy seeing one side of the coin shown by MP.. i.e.
    – it is not trackable
    – Silver light is being promoted…

    Huh; use your “grey matter” too…

    It is being tracked and at this point of time i guess sharing all details will not be fair.. JFYR… we have some 408 unique people already who have uploaded songs for the contest.. I guess numbers speak out… and this all happened in 20 days after the campaign sign off…

    And rather than doing some routine shit like “Objective Q&A campaigns”.. we brought Idea Rocks India (IRI) online in one of the most interactive way and more over the response is phenomenal, initially we were somewhat skeptical, since the whole process is user driven
    – he has to record the song of his own, then
    – upload to the site
    but was confident and the kind of turnout we got is overwhelming..

    As far as strategic thinking is concerned lot more new innovative stuff will come, which will (unlikely Q&A campaigns) be even more healthy in interaction and will take user involvement to higher level.

    And using Silverlight helped our user to swiftly upload the songs as well as viewing videos/picture gallery and moreover there is no harm in using any software which help us in adding a value to the over all experience, so if any subtle promotion is done it is only to enrich the user interaction experience.

  6. Bhanu, no one is debating the “thought” or the idea here. I also believe it’s a good idea. Execution is a problem. How would you justify the idea of creating a microsite on MSN for a long term property like IRI? Why there is no BRAND SITE for IRI? Silverlight might have helped your cause but are you comfortable with MSN using your space/money to advertise their product?
    These are the question which you should answer to client and more to yourself as an professional.
    But good you replied, this will give the group to discuss this at length.

  7. You will see the IRI dedicated site soon..and as far as using MSN is concerned they are only the one who has a bandwidth to do a stuff of this kind… and that too at his short notice..

    No harm in using any software that will help the over all user experience..we were aware that we might loose many of the user as they might not download a software, same has been reflected from the backend, but still there are very hard core people who love singing JFYR..we are looking another alternative by which we can get this software loaded automatically… Hope we will get some thing concrete by the time next IRI comes up.. cheers..

  8. My say on it is that the idea is not bad, yeah although a lot many possibilities have not been explored on the lines of implementation and yes off course strategy maybe a bit more of brainstorming was needed- a bit that would exchange lot many bytes as now.
    But lets all learn from it as life is all about learning, learning to live better.

  9. “Digital strategy should be conceived considering the overall brand strategy” – That is well said.

    Something like this which has a potential to be larger property has merely ended up as short-term microsite. Unfortunately, with a site that does not believe in sharing any numbers with digital marketers.

    Trevor Edwards, Nike’s corporate vice-president for global brand & category management said in an interview that “We are not in the business of media companies alive. We are in the businesss of connecting with consumers”. He said that in connection with more traditional media spends moving to digital media. Needless to say that it is equally applicable in the case of monies moving between media houses in the digital space.

  10. Unnyque

    numbers ll be public soon..

    and thanks for your belief – “this has a potential to be larger property” please be rest assured that it will not end up just as microsite.. it will be larger than that..


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  13. Nothing wrong with the idea per se. Am of the view that IRI being a good property shud have its own site. MSN does not believe in giving any number which might be very useful in understanding ur user’s response and taking the brand forward which in this case is missing.

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