Pepsi’s Spoof On Thums Up

With summer setting in, cola giants have really turned the heat on each other. First, coca-cola’s  Sprite spoofing Pepsi’s YOUNGISTAN campaign( Following the suit was Pepsi, taking on Thums Up commercial( I really enjoyed watching Pepsi’s answer to Thums Up. Must say, it’s a good job by ad agency. But there is flip side to it also. It is the first time when Pepsi as a Mother Brand has taken on any such spoof.  Coke, as a main brand, has never deviated from the brand vision. They let the other brands( Thums Up, Sprite) to take care of all such campaigns. Pepsi should have avoided this direct confrontation. The spoof(Sprite) could have been easily taken care of by any of their non-cola brand like Mountain Dew. 
But what I am sure is that both the brands will add to each others GRP’s. But who takes the cake is still remain to be seen. Lets just sit and enjoy the summer while both the brands are sipping each other.


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