Lenovo’s Olympics Blog – Leveraging Social Media

Recenetly, I came across something which forced me to put it on my blog. I am talking about LENOVO’s leveraging OLYMPICS through BLOGGING platform to make the associations of TECHNOLOGY with the games and therey with the brand. But what’s special about this blog? People writing on this blog are not professional bloggers or most of them dont even blog. Lenovo has picked up ATHELETES from across the world and has turned them into BLOGGERS so that they can share their experience with the entire world. Fans from across the world would be reading about their players experience online.

Lenovo's Social Media Campaign

Lenovo's Social Media Campaign

OLYMPICS, being a global event, will help LENOVO is having positive association with the brand(Lenovo being a chinese brand).

All in all….Good job by Lenovo


5 thoughts on “Lenovo’s Olympics Blog – Leveraging Social Media

  1. it will be a short lived effort from the way I see it. i personally believe marketing campaigns tied to a specific event only last as long as the campaign does…

    i donno if any of the athletes would be really keen to write beyond the events – coz for them sponsorship matters.

    secondly, for a brand like Lenovo – it’s really not driving ne significant brand value as such. Lenovo-Sports-Olympics-Na…sorry.

    See, how Dell has used this phenomenon thru their regeneration plan – its sustainable – http://www.regeneration.org/

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