Pope Benedict XVI Goes Online….

Here is the ultimate news. Pope Benedict XVI has taken the online route. Pope made his debut on a site called XT3, the largest online Catholic community, dedicated to connecting people for discussion about matters that are important to them. BXVI is the name taken by the POPE to interact with the community members.

This is what POPE has to say:

Dear Friends,
Fifty days ago we were together for the celebration of Mass. Today I greet you on the birthday of Mary, Mother of the Church. Empowered by the Spirit and courageous like Mary, your pilgrimage of faith
fills the Church with life! Soon I am to visit France. I ask you all to join me in praying for the young people of France.
May we all be rejuvenated in hope!


I had never thought that someone like POPE can even think of it. But Mr. POPE u beat me to it….

Pope has seen the value of Online……..God knows when some marketers will understand!!!!


One thought on “Pope Benedict XVI Goes Online….

  1. Your excellency;

    Thank you for the oppertunty to have access to you Holy Father. When you became Pope, I sent you (via your email address)a request. My request was and still is :

    That you Holy Father, consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the proper manner as requested in the Fatima Message and to release the full Third Secret.

    Yours in J.M.J. and St. Philomena,
    Al. Fraser
    938 Miller St
    Sudbury ON P3A 2X1

    pp: Thank you for releasing the “bonds” on the Latin Tridentine Mass and for releasing the Socity of St. Puis X from the order of Excommunication entered into by John Paul II.

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