Microsoft Yahoo Search Marketing Deal

There’s been lot of buzz around new Microsoft-Yahoo Search Marketing Deal. Deal is making waves in digital industry. As experts are saying, it is move to counter the search giant called Google. Both, Microsoft & Yahoo, are touting it a great move to break the monopoly of Google and offer users a better search experience.

I have another angle to talk on this deal.  Here are my points:

  1. Google remains top of mind of almost every net user. In India, Google has more than 70% share of the search pie. Rest is all scattered between Yahoo, Microsoft and other players. How is this deal going to topple Google from users Top of Mind is something would be very interesting to see? I think, this will decide about the efficacy of this deal.
  2. Let’s talk about User Experience. Both Yahoo n Bing, they don’t allow me to refine the search query whereas Google gives the user to refine their search results by using the Broad Match, Exact Match in search query etc .  Google also allows the users to search for something “within a particular site”. Something which is missing in Bing as of now.

The chart below shows traffic on various search engines in India. Google is way ahead of the race.

Search Volume In India For June 09

Search Volume In India For June 09

According to me, as of now, Google has a better product offering than any other competitor.  Incidentally, Google also allows the second highest search engine called “YOUTUBE” (it has beaten Yahoo in search volume; though the searches would differ on respective platform). It would be interesting to see how Google responds to this move. Keep watching.


4 thoughts on “Microsoft Yahoo Search Marketing Deal

  1. Can’t agree with you more.

    The deal is only about going to market together and sharing advertisement revenues. all the buzz around this has no meaning.

    No one is talking about the Product in this deal. whether there will be a better product or not.

    Google will sharpen its product continuously while MS and Yahoo will keep meeting agencies and clients.

  2. I see Google is much more than just traditional search…Through one Google id, you can use Gmail, stay connected with your friends on Orkut, Store your memories on Picassa, manage document through Google Documents, Share and watch videos on Youtube…all these touch points are exceptionally well monetized by Google which gives great opportunity to the advertisers to reach to the relevant user based.

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