3 Key Considerations You Need To Mind While Developing Social Campaigns

Having executed a lot of campaigns in social space, there seems to be a few common points which do not get due consideration from brands. Here are 3 such things, which if get due consideration, can really change the way social campaigns are assessed:

  1. Tactical Campaigns Versus Strategic Campaigns: Are you running a tactical campaign like discount promo or buy early etc. The primary objectives are either to drive immediate sales or to acquire brand fans in the hope that they would buy in future. Strategically used Social media campaigns propagate an idea designed to enhance the appeal and reputation of a brand.  This gives rise to the second point of evaluation period.
  2. Length of campaigns & evaluation: Generally, there is a distinction in the evaluation timeframe of tactical campaigns (short duration) and strategic campaigns (long duration). Social media campaigns tend be measured over a period of 0-3 maximum duration. It may be sufficient period if your objective it to reach out to maximum universe assuming you have spent sufficiently. But if the campaign objective is loyalty or changing attitudes/behaviors, it may not be a good duration. Also, tactical promotions may make your brand more price elastic whereas strategic approach may help you make your brand less vulnerable to price elasticity.
  3. Measurement: Counting Likes, Tweets & Earned Media ROI:
    1. Likes: This is the most abused measurement for FB campaigns. There is no harm in acquiring fans/likes as long as you know what they resulting into for your business. If you don’t understand this connection, you are wasting company’s money.
    2. Tweets: Pure no. of tweet number has a little value. Value of a tweet should be looked from various angles like who tweeted, is it positive or negative, how many re-tweets, how many replies, how many people is it reaching out to etc.
    3. Earned Impression(ROI): This is what I call ‘feel good’ metrics which has little relevance. Millions of exposures in social and putting a dollar value of them is something which needs to be put in some context to make any sense out of it. What are these millions impressions resulting into? Are they driving more action on your site/page?

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