Digital 2014: Make Your Digital Planning Effective!!

Engagement: One of the most abused word of past few years. Everyone has made a lot of money of it. In 2014, please define what exactly it means for you. Engagement is not an objective; it is a means to achieve your objective.

Measurement: If you have been waiting for a magic wand, it’s unlikely to come in 2014 too. Start investing in what matters to you most. Setting the right expectations is the key. Review duration of evaluation as well. If you want to change attitudes/behaviors, one month evaluation may not be enough, especially if you are doing it on social.  Stop talking in the air; get to work

Mobile: Sad news, 2014 may not be a ‘year of the mobile’. So, please start using it, testing it, measuring it, refining it.  Things are just plain digital. Think how you can use mobile as part of your marketing mix than just media mix. Mobile may have huge (may be highest reach), people are not dying to interact with you on such a personal platform.

Move beyond being a SANTA CLAUS: “Like me and you can win an iPad”. If you have been doing similar things, how long can you afford to do this? Strive for a better and a genuine relationship. Gratify the genuine brand lovers.

Benchmarking: If you have been complaining about not having enough or no benchmarks in the industry or for your category, you may see more of benchmarks coming through. But don’t wait for it.  Create your own benchmarks instead of looking outside. Averaging yourself out with others is the biggest mistake one can make in digital.

Mobile Site or Responsive Website: Responsive website is good. It’s the bare minimum. But a responsive design does not necessarily mean it delivers good experience. Go for a full fledged mobile site when it warrants the need.

Testing: Test, test and test. Fail fast, learn quickly & adapt fast.


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